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We believe that every man is powerful to change the world. This is our motto for every business day, while enjoying our own projects and ideas. 


Since you've found us, it means you might also have a big dream to come true. Seed us with your idea and we will share with you our feedback. 


If we like it - you've found a strategic investor! 

If we don't - we will tell you right away.

Providing not only the capital for central european business start-up's and entrepreneurs, but as well years of experience and knowledge to support your big idea.


We know the eCommerce is the future of eWorld, so most of our investments and partnerships support that sector. However, if you have a brilliant idea in another industry - go ahead and contact us. 


Drop us a short email describing you and your concept, so we can start a project that will change the world and people living in.




Contact us@nexsit.com